The Cynthia & Grant Hodgkins Bar

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Scott Zenreich | Amphibian Stage BarThe bar at Amphibian is curated by Scott Zenreich. Scott loves Spanish wine, but cannot speak Spanish. In fact he speaks French, but wishes he could speak Spanish so that he could understand Artistic Director Kathleen Culebro when she orders at Mexican restaurants. Scott is constantly reading about Spanish wine regions and could talk your ear off about microclimates in Rioja or soil types in Priorat or the solera system in Jerez. Or he could just recommend something to you quickly because Act II is about to start. He believes that Spain makes some of the world's best, most complex wines, and like a lot of programming at Amphibian, he wants to introduce you to something you may not necessarily be familiar with. 

Also, Scott loves a good cocktail, and is pleased to offer you a riff on classics using wine, beer, and sherry, and low ABV spirits. Take for example the South Main Mule, featuring fino sherry, ginger beer, fresh lime juice, and Peychaud's bitters served in a copper mug hand-hammered by Paul Sacco of Mexas Farms in Princeton, Texas. Then we finish it off with molded ice that melts slowly and doesn't dilute your drink while you watch the performance. We try to think about the details that matter to you. 

Speaking of sherry, Scott thinks more people should drink it. It's a magical fortified wine from South Spain, and can be quite different than the stick sweet reputation it often has.  Amphibian is pleased to offer a diverse slection of sherry, as well as tawny port, Madeira, and other dessert wines, to enhance your theatergoing experience. Did we mention that we serve local beers from Revolver and Martin House, too? 

We also offer Amphibian's famous chocolate chip cookies and Unique original pretzels to pair with your favorite cocktail, wine or beer. 

Basically, we want to offer you the best possible product because you deserve it, and we won't be snobby about it. Scott is just a guy who loves theatre and drinking, and he's here to connect the two. We aim to be the best theatre bar in Texas. There, we said it.



Cynthia and Grant Hodgkins | Amphibian Stage BarIn May of 2017, Amphibian Stage Productions announced a generous gift from Fort Worth philanthropists Cynthia and Grant Hodgkins. To recognize their generous contribution, the Amphibian Lobby Bar was officially named the “Cynthia and Grant Hodgkins Bar.” 

“You can get involved with a lot of organizations and never really feel like you’re contributing to the greater good. With Amphibian, your money goes a long way,” said Cynthia Hodgkins, who is also on the Amphibian Stage Productions Board of Directors.

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