De-Cruit: Civilian

About De-Cruit: Civilian Online Classes

De-Cruit: Civilian is based on Amphibian’s scientifically proven veteran-treatment program DE-CRUIT, & is free to anyone looking for community and guidance during these strange times.

Tickets & Dates

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays through June 1st
(Classes are at 7pm CST)

Classes are free!



Mitchell Stephens
De-Cruit: Civilian/De-Cruit Instructor

A Note from your instructor Mitchell Stephens:

“Hello! My name is Mitchell Stephens and I am an actor who lives here is Fort Worth. I’ve worked with Amphibian and Decruit since 2018 and the amount of growth I’ve not only seen, but experienced in my own life is such a gift. DeCruit has not only helped me become more empathetic to my fellow humans, but utilizing the techniques of grounding, breath work, focus have allowed me clarity in tense moments and the ability to stay present in conversations and work with myself. I encourage anyone, especially veterans, who feel lost or out of control of their own thoughts and emotions to try DeCruit or De-Cruit: Civilian. I thank you for reading and I look forward to meeting you!”

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