A New Play By Sharifa Yasmin

Close to Home

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About Close to Home

A young Southern man’s life is disrupted when he stumbles upon a homeless trans girl who has taken a liking to the 200-year-old oak that sits on his property. Zara’s strict Islamic family has disowned her, leaving her with nowhere else to go, so Colt reluctantly takes her in. But with no clue how to take care of himself, let alone a teenager, Colt gains the help of a quiet Muslim man named Kaysar. All three are on very different journeys; Kaysar is searching for family, Zara is searching for home, and Colt is searching for some damn peace and quiet. Together, they find that what they’re really looking for might just lie beneath the branches of an old oak tree.

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July 17th (at 11am), July 18th (at 5pm)

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Sharifa Yasmin
Sophia Watt

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