Lonely Planet

About the Production


A wry comedy about two unlikely friends traversing uncertain times by Steven Dietz. Set in a small map store on the oldest street in an American city, Lonely Planet is an intimate portrait of two friends navigating loss and an uncertain world. Shop owner Jody buries her head in the sand by refusing to leave her shop. Meanwhile, Carl begins filling the store with a variety of mysterious chairs. Funny, moving, and deeply human, Steven Dietz’s timeless play examines the way we navigate our uncertain times.

"In an era of fake news and moral uncertainty, this fine production of Arthur Miller’s play rings as true as ever"

Michael Billington, The Guardian


M. Denise Lee
Jamal Sterling


William "Bill" Earl Ray
Kaitlin Hatton
Stage Manager
Seancolin Hankins
Scenic & Technical Director
Amber Jones
Costume Designer
Adam Chamberlin
Lighting Designer
David Lanza
Sound Designer
Brayden Gibson
Properties Designer
Christina McCormick
Scenic Artist

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