Death Tax

About the Production

“Nobody does something for nothing,” declares Maxine (Georgia Clinton), a bitter, delusional old woman nearing the end of her life in a respectable if impersonal eldercare facility. While she may not be as close to death as she thinks, she is right that the people in her tiny immediate circle –– caregiver Tina (Stormi Demerson), facility supervisor Todd (John Forkner), and Maxine’s daughter (Laurel Whitsett) –– all want something from the paranoid old lady, who happens to have a large fortune that will be made considerably smaller by a pending change in estate tax laws.

"Rene Moreno and his cast of four actors find a surprising amount of physicality in the play—an interesting, connective choice for a play whose people seem unable to connect emotionally.”

Theater Jones


Rene Moreno

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