Adult Workshops

*** Due to Covid-19 safety measures, attendance for all in person workshops is extremely limited. We recommend registering early to ensure you get a spot! ***

PLEASE NOTE: These classes are designed to stand alone, but also compliment and build upon each other. To encourage you to try as many as possible, you’ll pay less per class the more classes you take!


Monday March 15, 6-8 PM CST: Introduction to Puppetry and Puppet Manipulation

Monday Registration

This workshop will give participants a broad overview of Puppetry as an art form, introducing participants to the different forms and styles of puppetry as well as giving participants instruction on how to manipulate different styles of puppets. The workshop will discuss best practices for a puppeteer.


Tuesday, March 16, 6-8 PM CST: Creating Your Own Puppet Play

Tuesday Registration

Puppetry is not just the Muppets and a few marionette stories told from old. Puppetry is a contemporary, dynamic way to tell a story and have your voice heard. This workshop will introduce participants to how to begin crafting your own puppet play and the basics of dramatic structure. The workshop will include the construction of a simple puppet.


Wednesday, March 17, 6-8 PM CST: Puppetry Design & Construction

Wednesday Registration

The dramaturgy of puppetry is all in the design. The design of a puppet tells a story as much as any narrative. This workshop will introduce participants to different ways of approaching the construction of puppets and lead participants in the constructing of a simple puppet.


Thursday, March 18, 6-8 PM CST: Putting on the Show

Thursday Registration

How is a puppet play different from a play without puppets? How does one conceive of a puppet production and approach construction, rehearsal, and casting? What roles do costumes, sets, lights, projections and music play in a puppet production? We will look at the phenomena of Puppet Slams, and for those who are interested, we will create our own. (Note: For those who have taken one of the week’s prior workshops, this class will continue your process.)


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