More Than
A Stage

Since the beginning, Amphibian’s objective has not only been to entertain, but also to give audiences something to think about, to invite conversation about big ideas, and to make an impact—whether it be a ripple or a wave.

2020 Year in Review

Your Theatre for All Times.

Even though our doors have been closed due to Covid-19, we have been hard at work serving our community through important initiatives, including online De-Cruit workshops for trauma-affected veterans and civilians, hiring unemployed theatre artists to make protective gear for seniors and students, and more. We’ve planned a lot of surprises for our members, including our famous cookies, Tad-Poles Grams, and an immersive audio experience. And finally, we are working hard to be allies to the Black Community in the fight against police brutality and institutional racism by listening, educating ourselves, and honestly assessing whether we have created a safe and welcoming environment for artists and patrons of all races, ages, and physical abilities.


Click here to read our Statement in support of Black Lives Matter. 


Upcoming Shows & Events

  • 3/12 & 3/13


    Renee Philippi
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  • 3/15-3/19

    In-Person Workshops

    Renee Philippi
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  • 4/21 + 4/24


    Simon Woods
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We've extended LOVE SUCKS to 2/20! Don't miss it!