Upcoming Shows & Events

  • January 13 - 15

    Johnston & Welch

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  • February 2 & 5

    War Horse

    adapted by Nick Strafford
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  • February 11 - 27

    The Pleasure Trials

    Sarah Saltwick
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  • April 1- 17

    No Child...

    Nilaja Sun
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  • June 3 - 26

    Marie Antoinette

    David Adjmi
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  • October 12 - November 6

    The Hollow

    Adapted by John Rapson
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More Than a Stage

Amphibians are designed to adapt, and we’ve earnestly relished the task of making art for a changing world – and learned so much more than anticipated.


Streaming endeavors like  Julia Pastrana, Odes for a World in Search of Joy, and Love Sucks reached both a local and global audience-and opened our eyes to the question of accessibility in the live-arts sector.


De-Cruit Online reached veterans who potentially weren’t ready to enter an in-person class.


Our theatre artist friends learned new skills to help us send thousands of face masks and PPE materials to healthcare facilities.


This Is My Story taught us the best way to listen is sharing the microphone.


Like the organization, our building can also be more than a stage-it can be an election day polling place, a platform for a local election forum, and a water/bathroom stop during the Black Lives Matter protests of 2020.


“Theatre” as we knew it is returning-soon! We’re elated to open our doors, dust off the soundboard, and sit in ancipation while the lights dim on that very first opening night back. We will continue to find new ways to serve our community through theatre, using all the tools we’ve learned, so that we not only entertain, but also give audiences something to think about, invite conversations about big ideas, and make an impact—whether it be a ripple or a wave.


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