Halloween Paper Doll Costume by Jasmine Woods


Supplies Needed:

  • 2 poster boards/foam core boards
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • markers
  • string
  • ducktape
  • measuring tape

Step by step:

  • On your poster board, draw the basic shape of a dress or outfit of your choosing in pencil. On the edges of your outfit draw 4″ square shapes made to look like the tabs of a paper doll dress
  • Using a black marker, trace over the pencil outline with a solid line, adding any details to the clothing if you choose.
  • Trace over the square tabs using a dotted line.
  • (Optional) color in your paper doll dress and add more details to your liking
  • Cut out your dress along the outer edge of your black line
  • Cut 3 pieces of string 72″ in length
  • Flip your costume to the back and find the center of your costume
  • For the bottom half of the costume, lay the center of your 1st string horizontally across the center back of your costume and secure with ducktape (example below)

  • For the top half of the costume, measure your 2nd string 27½” down and mark with a pencil.
  • Measure down 16″ from the initial marked point and mark with a pencil
  • Align the top marked point on your string with the bottom edge of your drawn “tab” on the left side of your costume and secure it with ducktape until you reach the bottom marked (example below

  • Repeat on the right side

To wear your costume:

  • Tie the top two strings around your neck and secure with a knot. Adjust length as needed
  • Tie the bottom two strings across your back and secure with a knot.
  • Tie the last string across your waist and secure with a knot.
  • Add any fun accessories and make up, and you are now a paper doll!!!

Have fun!!!