treating trauma through Shakespeare and science


about the program

At its core DE-CRUIT, developed by Stephan Wolfert, US Army veteran, is the process of interweaving personal writings with veteran-related Shakespeare texts, applying stage skills for life-skills and completing the communalization of trauma within the veteran community. These classes are scientifically evaluated by Dr. Ali of NYU with EEGs, Heart Coherence and psychological surveys.

successes of the program

The DE-CRUIT program incorporates and implements the very components that are so often under-funded in the U.S.: theater, Shakespeare, science, and veterans.

DE-CRUIT is not a “one-off”. It is an investment in the veterans that has a long- lasting effect on their lives, the lives of their family and the community that they live in.

On average, veterans are more likely to: be addicted; receive harsher longer jail/prison sentences; be homeless; and commit suicide at a higher rate (20 per day). We have worked with, and continue to work with, over 500 veterans. Among these DE-CRUIT veterans, those statistics are not true.

For the remainder of 2019, Amphibian's De-Cruit classes will be on hiatus. CLICK HERE to request updates about upcoming classes. 


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