Tad-Poles: Stilt-walking, history, geography, and music

In accordance with our mission, Amphibian has created an education outreach program that aims to increase self-esteem, teamwork, and interest in the arts for underserved youth of Fort Worth and Tarrant County. Traditional Tad-Poles students are at-risk for emotional stress, low self-esteem, and below average academic performance.  Through our engaging, hands-on arts curriculum, we hope to transform our students’ self-perception and worldview by making them passionate about learning a new skill, and engaging with aspects of traditional cultural performance in Mexico and West Africa.

Innovation is at the core of Amphibian’s values, and is no place more evident than in our outreach programming. Tad-Poles distinguishes itself from other local arts education programs through 3 leading characteristics: hands-on learning in small classroom settings, mentoring students in the construction of an original performance, and teaching diverse and impactful cultural lessons.