Your donations make all things possible: Professional actors, directors and designers receive a living wage; new plays come to life; military veterans learn tools to manage PTS; kids learn to stilt; young artists are mentored; community projects bring neighbors together… We depend on you to keep Amphibian healthy and vibrant.


Amphibian Stage Support

Amphibian Stage’s donors shine brighter than a spotlight. As a nonprofit organization, 6.5% of our operating budget comes from generous individuals, businesses, and foundations. This donor support keeps our ticket prices low and artistic quality high. And there is no donation too small or too big, we appreciate every gift.

Invest in Amphibian today and your tax-deductible contribution will help us produce new and cutting-edge plays, hire the finest actors, directors and designers, underwrite ticket costs for Fort Worth students and teachers, reach thousands of underserved children through our Tad-Poles program and impact the lives of trauma affected veterans through De-Cruit classes, helping them reconnect to the community after deployment.

Special thanks to our sponsors: