Julia Pastrana

Buying Tickets


How to Buy Tickets! from Amphibian Stage Productions on Vimeo.

Let Evan Tell You, Or Read Below!

You will be buying your tickets through Vimeo.

Simply click “Pre-Order” in the corner of the trailer or “Rent for $13” to the right of your screen.

You will be prompted to make up a name and password for Vimeo if you do not have an existing account.

If you are purchasing your ticket before July 16, you will receive an email on July 16 at 2pm CST with a link to the production.

Once the link is clicked you will have 48 hours to listen to the show.

Please see the instructions for the best way to experience the show.

Best Way to Experience Julia Pastrana


Find your favorite headphones or earbuds.

Get whatever device you are planning to listen on and take it to your favorite spot in your house.

Get comfortable. Is the temperature right? Do you have any snacks you might need? Now is the time.

Put your headphones on.

Turn off the lights.

Click play & cover your screen so you are immersed in darkness.

Get ready to meet “The Ugliest Woman In The World”

*This play was written to be performed entirely in darkness. Recreating that environment in your home will give you the best experience.