Our Statement of Support


We want to leave no room for doubt that we stand with the black community. Silence is complicity. Our platform gives us a voice denied to so many. Therefore, here is our pledge to our friends in the Black community:

  1. We will speak up against acts and words of racism and hold individuals and institutions accountable for their actions.
  2. We will do the work within ourselves so that we can put a stop to the institutional racism that is all-pervasive.
  3. We will listen more and talk less when you teach us.
  4. We will employ you, collaborate with you and help you tell your stories with the dignity and respect deserved.
  5. We will not allow fear and systemic racism to guide our decisions.

We will use this time to investigate our own culpability and create actionable steps in the fight for change. Please do not let this be a break in the conversation. We offer this list of resources to help you in your own efforts toward anti-racism, and remind you it is not the job of Black people to educate, it is our job to seek out the knowledge and learn, so that we can do the work. bit.ly/ANTIRACISMRESOURCES

We send all our friends love and warmth in these troubled times. Please let us know how we can help you navigate the days ahead. It is our job as artists to make the world a more open, compassionate, giving planet and we take this opportunity and responsibility very seriously.

We stand with you,

Kathleen, Jay, Clara, Ayesha, Jeff, Evan