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Amphibian Stage is an Equal Opportunity Employer. The statements above are intended to describe the general nature and level of work being performed. They are not intended to be construed as an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties and skills required of personnel so classified.


Auditions are being held at Theatre Arlington on Saturday, June 26th between 10 am and 7 pm. Please visit Theatre Arlington’s website to schedule an audition appointment.


Those specifically interested in submitting for the two projects Amphibian is casting at 5×5 who may not be able to attend can submit a video audition. Email a youtube or vimeo link along with headshot and resume to info@amphibianstage.com.


*PLEASE NOTE* Our 2022 Season is such a mystery that even *we* don’t know what it is…yet. Auditions for next year’s mainstage plays will be announced at a later date.

Spark Fest: 7/5-7/31

All contracts are one week including rehearsals and two performances

*See below for play descriptions, dates, and breakdowns.*


Casting Breakdown

Close To Home by Sharifa Yasmin

July 12th – 18th

PLAY DESCRIPTION: A young Southern man’s life is disrupted when he stumbles upon a homeless trans girl who has taken a liking to the 200-year-old oak that sits on his property. Zara’s strict Islamic family has disowned her, leaving her with nowhere else to go, so Colt reluctantly takes her in. But with no clue how to take care of himself, let alone a teenager, Colt gains the help of a quiet Muslim man named Kaysar. Together, these three very different people find that what they’re looking for might just lie beneath the branches of an old oak tree.


ZARA (Late Teens)– She/Her. Trans AMAB. Of Middle Eastern, North African or South Asian descent. Muslim. Zara, a high school junior, is independent, strong-willed, and fiercely intelligent. Her quick wit and sharp tongue mask the vulnerability and hurt she feels after being disowned by her family because of her gender identity.

COLT (Late 20’s) – He/Him. White. Born and raised in rural South Carolina, Colt is a rugged and solitary construction worker with a predilection for dark liquor. He’s a firm believer in self-reliance, but beneath his rough exterior, Colt has a profound empathy for Zara and her situation that surprises even him.

STELLA (Mid 40’s) – She/Her. White. Stella has spent her life in trailer park after trailer park, navigating the fraught space between abuser and abused. After two decades of struggling to justify all her lies and compromises, she is finally ready to leave her husband, and attempt to make amends with both her estranged family and herself.


naked by Jay Duffer

July 12th – 18th

PLAY DESCRIPTION: Complexity, humor and suspense come together in naked, comprised of three one-act plays. Set in different decades of the 20th century, each play, distinct in tone and style, exposes a common focus on the fragility of sexual and gender identity in America. Looking back to forge forward, the plays question our society’s progress in understanding and accepting those who operate outside expected norms.

ROLE BREAKDOWNS: The trilogy is written to be performed by 4 to 8 actors.  Doubling can occur.  Suggested doubling is below.  Diverse casting is encouraged.

FEMALE 1 (50’s-60’s): plays EVELYN PARKER, cisgender, a high school principal, experienced in her field of study, professional, can be both understanding and formidable yet does have limits for getting flustered, requires great naturalistic comic timing; also plays DOCTOR HENRIK-BOUCHARD, cisgender, also experienced in her field of study, deeply sympathetic, trapped, cautious.

FEMALE 2 (30’s): plays MS. WAVERLY, cisgender, highly conservative and religiously zealous when pushed, her pain is very contained but evident, genuinely concerned about her son’s welfare but aware she is inadequate in connecting with him, sharp, curt; also plays JOSEPHINE, cisgender, heterosexual, highly intelligent, quick-witted, exhibits dynamic resistance as her heart and pelvis are at great odds with her head; must have sincere comic timing.

MALE (late 20’s-30’s): plays MARKUS, cisgender, heterosexual, sincerely masculine, sincerely charming, sincerely funny and seemingly oblivious of his narcissistic tendencies and heteronormative worldview, uses his charm as a natural defense mechanism; also plays GUARD, cisgender, mostly intimidating, sparingly courteous, enjoys his malice, likely a sociopath.


The Hollow Based upon the stories of Washington Irving Adapted by John Rapson

July 5th – 18th (please note this is a two week contract)

PLAY DESCRIPTION: On a stormy October evening in 2020, a lonely storyteller arrives at an 18th century tavern to continue his yearly tradition of performing Washington Irving’s classic: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Little does he know of the surprises that the night and the ghostly inhabitants of the tavern hold in store for him. With the exciting juxtaposition of campfire tales, things that go bump in the night and the gorgeous prose of one of American history’s most thrilling authors, The Hollow is both a ghostly treat and a thrilling celebration of the power of live storytelling.


Understudy for the Narrator/Leading Player (25-45) – Any ethnicity and all genders, non-binary etc. We are seeking a thrilling and game actor/collaborator for a reading/workshop presentation of a new one-person play based on the stories of Washington Irving. Huge pluses include, but are not limited to, some combination of the following: A facility for strong character work and physical transformation, history with voice and dialect work, sound effects or foley experience, singing or musical talent. While this actor will read stage directions and provide other text-based support during the actual workshop performances, they will be a real part of the process of rehearsing and shaping the play with the author/actor and director.

through a glass darkly by Erin Malone Turner

July 26th – 31st

PLAY DESCRIPTION: It’s summertime in 1980s Louisiana when a group of summer camp counselors discover alternate dimensions within the campground’s forest. Campers start disappearing – and those who don’t disappear begin to change. And there is a monster within, waiting for its next victim. What happens when problems arise that even the head camp counselor can’t solve? This play uses magical realism, science fiction, and New Orleans-based Black history to explore the navigation of adulthood, new romance amidst crushing grief, and how sorrow stays within terrain as well as hearts.


KAYDENCE (24-25) – counselor. funny, considerate, and outgoing. loves the spotlight & performing. protective older sister of Simone. long-time love interest of Vonnie. a social justice warrior in her own right. Black.

LACEY (18-19) – counselor. the cook & the mom friend. videographer & photographer of the summer camp. observant and reserved. honest. Black.


Egress by Melissa Crespo and Sarah Saltwick

October 5th – 28th (Rehearsals)

October 29th – November 14th (Performances)

PLAY DESCRIPTION: You are an expert on safety, but you no longer feel safe.  You have moved to a small college town to teach architecture, but you realize that your nightmares have followed you.  And now, uncertainty lies around every corner.  Egress is a provocative psychological drama that draws us into the mind of a woman struggling to face her fears.


WOMAN (30’s) – Woman, Non-Caucasian


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