Shake it Off & DE-CRUIT

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I have never read Shakespeare or been interested, should I still participate?

Yes. No knowledge of Shakespear’s work is necessary. And you might be surprised how relatable his writings are to your life…so join us

I understand the value of this program but I am uncomfortable sharing personal stories in groups. Will this still help me?

A. Yes. You can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable with. No pressure.

How many participants do you expect in a session?

A maximum of 15

Do we have to act/perform or write a performance piece?

A. No. While you will have the opportunity to do both, it is your choice. Participation in itself will be beneficial to you.

Are the instructors trained and certified counselors?

No. But the program has been developed in partnership with the NYU Department of Applied Psychology and has won several accolades from national organizations that recognize innovative mental health-related programs.

Is it mandatory to attend all sessions?  Will I lose my spot if I miss some sessions?

No and No. We understand that you need the flexibility to attend to your needs.  We do ask that you let us know if, after signing up, you decide not to attend anymore so that we can offer your spot to another participant on the waiting list.