Board of Directors

Dev’n Goodman

Board Member

What was your first show/ How did you get involved with Amphibian? Freud’s Last Session

What was your favorite Amphibian related moment from 2019? Why? In Babette’s Feast, the scene where preparing a dinner turned into an upbeat dance number. It was a welcome surprise.

Is there another Amphibian memory that stands out? The first time I came to Amphibian was the first time I experienced an open dress rehearsal, the first time I experienced a play in the dark, and the first time I experienced professional theatre locally. For me, then and now, that’s the reason I continue to come back to Amphibian, show after show.

What made you decide to volunteer your time with us? Was there a specific moment that made you say “I want to be involved”? Yes! When I realized how important every show was to upholding Amphibian’s mission and ensuring this was a theatre that truly wanted to jolt their audiences into engaging as humans on multiple levels.

Was there a stand-out moment this year that made you proud to be involved with us? Watching the growth of the comedy residency program as it began to have impact well beyond Fort Worth. I’m excited to see what happens next!