Andrea Ballard

Tad-Poles Program Coordinator/Instructor

Growing up in the arts community in Fort Worth, Andrea has been dancing since she could walk. As a child she begged for stilts for Christmas which she then proceeded to take to school for recess so she could teach her friends how to “Walk Tall”.  Who knew that as an adult she’d find the Tad-Poles and Amphibian Stage Productions who shared her passions.  A graduate of The University of Texas at Austin, Andrea can also be found teaching class at Fort Worth Jazzercise and working as a Travel Advisor for Sanders Travel Centre.

Andrea’s desire is to create life changing experiences that will expose others to the larger world around them.

Her wish is that these experiences will foster learning, relationships, and understanding that will last a lifetime and eventually change the world. A person’s empathy grows as their world expands and they truly get to know another person, culture or place that is different than their own.