Cool Things to Watch Part 16!

October: Arts & Humanities Month

Amphibian is full of professional artists, and this month, we are turning over the reins of CTTW to Digital Media Manager, Evan (actor and photographer) and Clara, our Marketing and PR Manager (visual artist). Check out some of their faves below.


Evan’s Pick: I love typography–quite an overlooked medium in the visual art world. I hoard fonts on my desktop, I fret over decisions regarding type choice, layout, etc. Instead of hear me babble, listen to this legendary type designer share his love for the art set to a bubbly soundtrack and ingenious animation. It’s a short watch. Enjoy!


Clara’s Pick: Do Caterpillars Remember Being Butterflies? I gravitate towards creative work that changes as you live with it and think about it – the sort of pieces that make you ask questions rather than tell you things. This one-man dance starts raising questions with the title and never stops.


Evan’s Pick: Sometimes if a piece of art is stunning enough on its own I’ll forgive weak storytelling—this just happens to be both executed brilliantly scored and inspired by a great song. Imaginative, retro, unexpected, surprising. This isn’t even a commissioned work by the artist, but a passion project of the animator that he worked on for FOUR YEARS. You will not regret watching, and you surely won’t forget it.


Clara’s Pick: Some of my favorite works are things that somehow change the way I percieve the world. Watch this geometric tale of tragic love with surprisingly emotional “performances” from two flat triangles. I don’t know how they did it, but I can see so much more character in little polygons than I ever thought possible before.


Evan’s Pick: Clearly I have a thing for music videos. This song is such a good time-if you haven’t already heard it you can thank me later. The visuals are intriguing and unnerving–yet really fun and playful. Enjoy!


Clara’s Pick: I love stumbling on art out “in the wild” – away from museums or theatres. A work of creativity just existing to make those who happen to encounter it pause with wonder… I hope one day I get to encounter a herd of Theo Jansen’s “Strandbeests” as they undulate and cavort down the beach.


Evan’s Pick: Know the song Barbie Girl? What about the Robot Dance? Great. Prepare to have your mind blown (the video is slow to start–stay.)


Clara’s Pick: Sometimes art acts as a window into the way someone else’s mind works – and that aspect of it is always most intriguing to me when that mind works on planes completely foreign to my own. Watch this and see if you aren’t completely blown away! I also love the performative aspect of creating this piece of visual art – the creation itself is an event, rather than happening privately in a studio.


Clara’s Pick: Robert Montgomery’s word-based pieces – often glowing with bulbs, towering on billboards, or actually burning with fire – are made to be placed in unexpected places, surprising viewers who encounter them in their daily lives. As he puts it in another video “I’d like my work to be a commentary on how magical the city is. And I think that’s a really important job of art – that you must wake up and see the magic.” I chose this video because it gives a rare look at his behind the scenes process, plus it’s a great example of the importance of accessibility in art.


Evan’s Pick: Music Producer Jack Antonoff won 4 Grammies before hitting 40–and you may have never heard of him. Tour Jack’s oddball home studio where he makes the magic for Taylor Swift, Olivia Rodrigo, Troye Sivan, Lorde, Pink, with an unconventional set of skills and tools.