Cool Things to Watch Part 11!

Women's History Month Edition

Cheng Imm Tan is the founder of Gund Kwok Lion and Dragon Troupe, which is the only all-Asian women lion and dragon dance troupe in the United States.


Swedish Kulning- Ancient songs traditionally sung by women to call animals to call animals, both wild and domestic.


The narrator says that Rigoberta Menchu’s hard work paid off because she was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. We’d venture to guess that she measures success of her efforts in a very different way.


The Last Mermaids of Jeju:


Imani Wallace, unsung hero:


The last spinner of sea silk, a material which may be given as a gift, but never bought or sold:


One ballerina’s mission to keep the girls and young women of Rio on their toes:


A new Alaska short film tells the story of Ada Blackjack, an Iсupiat woman who survived alone on a remote island after an expedition gone wrong in 1921.