Cool Things to Watch Part 7!

Need something sweet to make you smile? Try some real-life bluebirds of happiness.



There are few composers more versatile than Nitin Sawhney. It was hard to choose just one of his videos. Do yourself a favor and hop on Vimeo to do a full Nitin Sawney dive.



I never thought I’d call insects “majestic,” but this video of many flying in extreme slow motion has changed all of that.



A video collage that is as clever as it is exploding with energy.


Motionpoems is a non-profit that pairs poets and animators to create gorgeous videos.



And finally, get out of your chair, do a little self hypnosis, and dance!


ALSO: When the world shut down for Covid-19, there were hundred of theatre sets designed but not yet built. CLICK HERE to explore some of them.