Cool Things to Watch Part 3!

Even during this crisis, Amphibian Stage is your home for quality content. We’ll be bringing you new suggestions regularly, so keep checking back!

These past few days, we’ve been fighting the travel bug, so you might notice a theme of far-flung lands in these recommendations!


Explore the work of the graphic design studio behind our iconic look. Alfalfa has many beautiful projects, including this one:


Thousands of parakeets and one kind man. Watch what the power of generosity can do:


Take a mental vacation with this documentary about the famous scholar and chef of Mexican cooking, Diana Kennedy. Check out the trailer here:


Be inspired by the human spirit to express beauty.


Visit the Kuikuro people of the Amazon.


And finally, if you need a National Theatre Live fix, you have your chance with This House by James Graham, available at no cost through June 4th! Check it out!